Yarn House Story

When I first moved here, I lived in the older part of town, near the university campus and within walking distance of my job in the downtown area.  The one drawback was that I lived in a basement apartment, which was a little too dark and cave-like for me.  So after I sold my house is Denver, I was easily seduced by new construction with it’s bright and sunny interiors, and ended up buying a house in a suburban-type area to the south of town.  After living there for several years, I knew that I wanted to find my way back to the part of town where the houses are older and laid-out on tree-lined streets.  The neighborhoods and the homes there have a character with which I feel most comfortable.

On my way home from work one day, in 2005, I saw a sign pointing to a little house for sale on a side street that was tucked back behind a picket fence and partly hidden by a couple of aspens, an oak, and a plum tree.  The house called to me and I ended up buying it, sold my other house, and moved to Old Town.  I have since worked with an architect and contractor to completely gut and remodel the inside of the house, and it is now, a beautiful perfect little place.  The house does sit on a very small lot on an alley, and there was a rental house on the corner lot to the south.  These two properties may initially have been intended as one lot.

I always thought that if the rental house was put on the market, I should seriously consider purchasing it, tho I really didn’t think the owners would be selling anytime soon.  Then I came home from teaching a knitting lesson one day in 2008 to find a For Sale sign on the lot.  After getting out of my car, I think I stood with my mouth hanging open – dumbfounded when a neighbor came out to discuss this development with me.  I remembered my thought about buying the property and indeed, I did just that.

After the tenants moved out, I didn’t rent it again, since it was in need of some repairs, and I was deciding what I wanted to do with it.  While I considered the options, I started storing some of my yarn stash in the little house.  As more and more yarn made it’s way into the house, my knitting friends started teasing me about having bought a house just for my stash, and in response to their taunts, I started calling it the “Yarn House.”

I did think about using the house for knitting lessons – as a studio, but the property is in an historic area that is zoned only for single family homes.  It was then that I began thinking about scraping the existing house, which was starting to fall apart, and about building something new, that would be my home.  I continue to call the property the “Yarn House,” mostly because that’s what I called it when I was storing yarn there.


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