About Katinka

What is Katinka Knits?

Katinka Knits is a knitting instruction, service and pattern design business, owned and operated by Lynn D in Northern Colorado.

Where Does Katinka Knit?

After teaching in various venues, I am currently focusing on teaching in mutually agreeable locations.

If you want some inspiration for your next knitting project, I may be able to suggest some pattern choices or yarns for you to consider.

So, if you are in Northern Colorado, and would like to learn something new in your knitting, please contact me by email at katinkaknits@gmail.com.  I enjoy teaching or small groups or individuals!

I look forward to meeting new knitters, in addition to maintaining relationships with faithful, long-time students and friends!

Who is Katinka Knits?

Katinka was a capable little girl from a story that my grandmother told my mother as a child.  Katinka was resourceful and easily solved problems confronting her, and like my mother, I tend to apply just such problem solving skills to knitting.

Because my mom, who taught me to knit, isn’t afraid to try new things, I didn’t know to be afraid of knitting, and never had any doubt that I would succeed in completing my first knitting project – a raglan pullover sweater made using US size 6 needles. There isn’t much in knitting that frightens me, and I’ve learned the most by experimenting and making mistakes.

My education and career background are in geology, elementary education, and environmental consulting.  In knitting, I do use skills from that seemingly unrelated, previous experience.

I enjoy teaching people to knit and guiding them from the planning stages through the successful completion of their knitting projects.

All the best in your knitting,
Katinka Knits


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