We Interrupt the Apron Project for a Quick Home DIY on Clotheslines…

When I bought my first house in 1993, there was a clothesline in the back yard – between the back door of the house and the garage.  I loved having a clothesline, so when I had the yard re-landscaped, I asked to have the clothesline moved to the narrow part of yard on the south side of the house (between my house and the neighbor’s).  My house was red brick and nothing would grow in that strip of side yard except weeds, so I decided to have the area beneath the clothesline covered with river rocks.  On that clothesline, in that location, under those conditions, laundry dried in a flash!

I moved from that house in 1999, and have missed that clothesline ever since.  Immediately after living in that house, I lived in a basement apartment of a friend’s house, and she didn’t have a clothesline.  Then I bought a home in a home owner’s association which didn’t allow clothes lines.  After selling that house, I moved into a tiny house with a tiny yard in the older part of town, where a clothesline never quite worked or I never quite worked it out, but I did often gaze longingly at the clothesline in the back yard across the street.

Now, I live in the house next door to the tiny house and I still don’t have much of a yard, but am still dreaming about a clothesline.  So last year, I purchased a Home Essentials Sunline® Umbrella Style Clothes Dryer (1600) from the Downtown Ace Hardware store.  This clothes “dryer” came with a sleeve that is meant to be “planted” in the ground.  (You can see a photo of the sleeve on the Home Essentials’ page for this dryer; it’s the gray tube in the last image.)

A friend told me that he put the sleeve for his clothes dryer in a 5-gallon paint bucket filled with QUIKRETE®.  I don’t know if he dug a hole for the bucket first, or after he filled it with QUIKRETE®, but he told me that the bucket is in the ground.  There really isn’t a good place in my yard to “plant” my clothesline, so I got a little more creative.

I happened to have a 5-gallon paint bucket, and a round mesh patio table with a hole in the center for an umbrella (although I don’t have an umbrella at the moment).  The bucket fits perfectly under the table.  Image

I decided to put the clothes dryer sleeve in the bucket with river rocks around it holding it in place.  Image

I put the bucket under the table and slid the pole through the hole in the center of the table and into the sleeve in the bucket.


I also have some sand to put in the bucket, but the bucket seems heavy enough with the rocks.  The table, however, may need some sand bags to keep it from tipping over, which it did after the wind came up while there was laundry on the line today, so I guess my clothes dryer is a work in progress.  I am still thrilled, however, to be able to take advantage of the intense sunlight to dry my laundry!

Edited to add:  The top of the sleeve is lower than the top edge of the bucket, so when the clothes dryer pole is removed, the bucket can be covered to prevent rain or debris from collecting…  I should have drilled a few holes near the bottom of the bucket for drainage.


~ by Lynn on May 30, 2012.

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