Katinka’s Apron Project: Introduction


For a while, I’ve had a vague plan – just an idea, really – to host a party with friends to make aprons for ourselves.  If you’re reading this blog and are not one of my close circle or if you live in another part of the world, I encourage you to gather a group of your friends together to have an apron making party of your own.  I’m planning a series of blog posts about sewing aprons, patterns, books with apron patterns, fabrics, etc.  I hope it will be fun!!  😉

The idea of this party comes up with some members of my knitting group from time to time.  There has been a trend in the last few years of resurrecting crafts that were popular in days gone by.  Melanie, of A Sewing Journal, wrote about this in a blog post on Sew Mama Sew in June 2011… quilts, embroidery, aprons, etc.  And then there’s the Retro trend among sewing and knitting bloggers, Tweed Run cyclists, etc.

Historical Context:

While helping my mom clean out a house that my grandparents bought in 1959, I came across several “vintage” cotton aprons in a dresser drawer.  They had been my grandmother’s, and when I asked my mom if I could have them, she told me that my grandmother had really used them to protect her clothing.  My grandmother always dressed “just so,” so I can certainly imagine her wearing aprons to protect her dresses while in the kitchen.

I brought five aprons home with me more than a year ago, and finally the other day, I photographed them.  (Please excuse the wrinkles!  I should have ironed them before the photo-shoot! 😉  )  Included in the collection of my grandmother’s aprons that I came home with were: 2 “half-aprons,”

Two full aprons,

And one full apron that can be folded to work as a half-apron.

I particularly like the striped, chevron apron with yellow rick-rack trim, but there are practical and/or design details that I appreciate about each one.  And I suppose that I have an appreciation for the textile history as well as the domestic history that are represented by these aprons.

Do you have an apron to two that belonged to your mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother?  What kind of stories do they bring up for you?

More contemporary aprons will be the subject of an upcoming post!


~ by Lynn on March 26, 2012.

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