Look What I Made!!!

This is a little bit of a tangent from knitting, and sewing!  It is a bit crafty, but more related to the vintage Raleigh Sports bicycle that I picked up on Cape Cod last summer.

The bike came equipped with a rear fender reflector, but the reflector itself has long since disappeared, leaving only the black housing, and a rusted disk which was probably once the reflector itself.

Raleigh Sports Rear Reflector (Original)

I’ve looked around a little bit for reflectors that might fit inside the housing or replace the missing reflector.  Round reflectors are a bit difficult to find, especially at 1.5″ to 2″ in diameter.  (Note: I am not trying to restore this bike to authentic period condition.)

While shopping for other things, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for reflectors, and last week at REI, I came across a package of circular adhesive reflectors (Lightweights Power Reflectors, Lightweights See Red).  The 2″ diameter reflector looked as if it might be the perfect size.

My next task was to figure out what I might attach the adhesive dot to and how I might attach it to the bike.  Initially, I thought of some circular wooden disks I’ve seen in craft stores, so I searched my crafty stash for one, without success.  Wood didn’t seem a great choice considering weather, and such.  So next I thought about galvanized washers, and looked through my tool boxes, without finding the right size.  I made a trip to the local Ace Hardware store yesterday afternoon, and looked through lots of different sections.  I did find a washer that is about 1.75″ in diameter with a 5/8″ hole in the middle.  And then I came across a 1.5″ insulating bushing.  (I really have no idea what these things are intended to be used for, so please excuse my ignorance!  😉  )

I came home and immediately stuck the reflector to the washer, and then stuck the washer in the bushing.  I’m really delighted, because it’s almost a perfect reflector.  Now, I just need to figure out how to attach it to the bike’s fender.


~ by Lynn on February 19, 2012.

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