A Giveaway for the New Year!

I know that there aren’t many readers here, partly because my posts are so few and far between, and partly because I don’t advertise myself very well.  So this blog is most likely just a space for me to practice writing!  😉

So perhaps the post today is a test!

I have spent part of the day sorting through books that I’ve had for sale on Bonanza.com that have not been selling.  Mostly, they are a little out of date.  I’ve decided to donate to the library, but first, I thought I’d give anyone out there a chance at a couple of them.  The first is Crafting Vintage Style from Country Living.  (Note:  For the record, I do not agree with the reviewer on Amazon who gave this book only 1 star.  In my opinion, the projects are charming and the photography and drawings provide beautiful illustrations for anyone with even a little bit of craftiness in their little finger!  😉  )

Crafting Vintage Style: Charming Projects for Home and Garden by Christina Strutt

This copy is in good condition with some wear around the edges.

The second book that’s up for grabs is: The Girl Mechanic by the Editors of Popular Mechanics.

The Girl Mechanic: Classic Crafts, Games & Toys to Build by The Editors of Popular Mechanics

This copy is in very good condition.  This book is spoken for!  🙂

So… if you’re out there and interested in either of these books, please post a comment including the book in which you are interested!  If there is a huge amount of interest, I will draw names from a hat!  😉


~ by Lynn on January 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “A Giveaway for the New Year!”

  1. I’m really interested in The GIrl Mechanic because my boyfriend is a car aficionado. He can do everything to a car including taking it entirely apart and putting it all back together. I, on the other hand, think that a ferrari looks like a yellow camero. Just so I can understand a few things, maybe change my own oil – that book would be nice to have haha.

    • Hi Cassie,
      You’re first! I’m going to wait until the beginning of next wee to see if anyone else comments. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for reading, and I think your reasons for wanting the book are great! 🙂

    • Congratulations, Cassie!!!
      If you are the winner of the giveaway for the “Girl Mechanic” book. Could you send your mailing address to me at katinkaknits at gmail dot com? I will put the book in the mail to you this week by media mail.

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