Where I can go this week…

I am without a car this week. I didn’t realize quite how dependent I am on that vehicle until I took it to the shop for body work yesterday morning. (I ran into one of those yellow protective posts in a parking lot, a month or so ago, and did some impressive damage to the passenger side. GRRR!)

In any case, I am limited to the distances I can comfortably walk or ride my bike. Fortunately, I have done a bit of walking during the summer, my “everyday” bike is in good working order, I don’t NEED to go any farther than about 3 miles away in the next several days, and I don’t NEED to pick-up anything that I can’t carry in my bike baskets, so I should be just fine.

As I was thinking about meeting someone to do her a favor, I thought maybe I should give her some ideas of where we might meet that are within a comfortable radius, so I decided to find a way to plot a circle on a map around my location. (As usual, the internet provided exactly the tool I was looking for at Free Map Tools.)

So in a radius of 3 miles from where I am, there are a lot of places that I can go!


~ by Lynn on October 4, 2011.

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