The First Rose at the Yarn House!

After it seemed as if summer would never come, and then enough rain to make me believe that I’d been transported to Seattle without my knowledge, we seem to have finally been graced with some beautiful summer weather.  I left my front door today to discover this rose… the first to bloom on this bush that was planted during the beginning of the Yarn House landscaping last fall.

Earlier in the spring, I’d been missing the lovely flowers – tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinth, Allium, plum blossoms, and lilacs – that appear every year in the yard of my “old” house, so this bloom is a very welcome sight for me.  Nearby are some spiraea (pictured below).

It feels as if the world is reborn with me along with it.

I spent much of the beginning of the year working on a petition drive to repeal a local ordinance regarding the size of houses allowable in the older neighborhoods in town.  For only the second time in Fort Collins history, such a petition effort was successful and the ordinance was revisited by the City Council and repealed.

For me, the petition effort was a full-time (albeit unpaid) job, so my creative endeavors were limited to knitting squares for a Lizard Ridge Afghan from leftover yarns from both my stash and my mom’s.  Although the pattern calls for using exclusively Noro yarn (either Silk Garden or Kureyon), I decided to alternate stripes of Noro with solid colored stripes.  This blanket will be quite eclectic in its combination of colors, but even with its vast rainbow, it should be beautiful.  The pattern calls for 24 squares, and at this point, I have knitted a total of 30 squares, and have yarn for a few more (just in case I don’t like how one or two of them work in the grand scheme!  😉  )  Since it’s such a beautiful day, I decided to throw all of the unblocked squares onto the lawn, to see how they look, so here are a few photos.

It will probably take a while for me to sew in the ends and block all of the squares, before I can even start to arrange them and connect them to make the blanket, so don’t expect to see this again for a while.  Maybe by next winter, I’ll have an afghan to curl up in!  😉


~ by Lynn on June 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “The First Rose at the Yarn House!”

  1. Lovely: the rose, and the afghan blocks; a little beauty goes a long way in our sometimes-bleak and blah world!

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