Getting the New House in Order – Part 3

In my ongoing attempt to finally look as if I’ve actually moved in to the new house, I decided to try to better utilize the space in one of the two closets in my office.  The other closet has shelves installed, but I asked the contractor to leave this one empty.  When I made that request, I thought that I would find two tall filing cabinets to put in that closet – Easier said than done!  The width of the door limits the width of the file cabinets that will fit.  So the file cabinets that I found on Craig’s List are living in the basement and not in the office closet!

In addition, when the architect saw the table that I’d “constructed” using two low file cabinets and a table top, she suggested that I move the low file cabinets into the closet.  So that is what I did, but then there was all sorts of lost space above the cabinets.  I considered purchasing some Ikea book shelves to place on top of the file cabinets, but then found an Intermetro shelf in my basement that works perfectly.  Luckily this structure is hidden in a closet, because it is more for function than design.

Closet door

Please ignore the stack of bins, etc.  I am working on finding a place for them!

I placed the file cabinets on Flor carpet tiles, to prevent me from damaging the beautiful wood floor.  I found two melamine shelves at Home Depot and placed those on top of the file cabinets, and put the Intermetro shelving unit on top of the shelves.  It’s not elegant, but it works and gives me some more shelving!  🙂


~ by Lynn on January 25, 2011.

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