Getting the New House in Order – Part 2

I have lots of thoughts on organization, as I sort through the myriad of boxes that are yet to be unpacked. I am a collector of a variety of things – besides yarn. My library of knitting patterns, for example, exceeds 240 books, 290 pdf pattern downloads, 80 booklets, and several complete years of 4 or 5 different knitting magazines. To date, only a few of the hard-copies of these items have been extracted from boxes after my move.

One thing that I’ve been wanting for a long time, is a tall file cabinet so that the magazines could be easily accessed and kept organized. Initially, I thought that I would purchase 2 new, 4-drawer cabinets that would fit in one of the closets in my office room. There are, however, two short file cabinets in that closet, and the cost of new cabinets was a bit more than I wanted to spend. Then I realized that there are places that sell furniture from offices that have been liquidated, so I thought I’d start there. Before I checked that out, though, I decided to look at Craig’s List, and found a listing for 3 file cabinets that had been posted on the very day that I decided to look. The price was reasonable and two of the three cabinets matched, so I wound up bringing those two home, and enlisting the help of some friends to help me move them into the basement.

File Cabinets at the Bottom of the Basement Stairs

As yet, the magazines still haven’t made it out of the boxes, but just finding the cabinets is progress!


~ by Lynn on January 17, 2011.

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