Getting the New House in Order – Part I

The new house is beautiful…

Happy New Year from the Yarn House!

…although there are still a few details to be finished.

The interior does not look so put together, however! I have many things to sort through to decide what I will try to sell in the massive garage sale that WILL happen when garage sale season rolls around again. It’s taking me a while to work through this process, so there are boxes and clutter all over the first floor of the house (and of course in the basement).

In a first attempt to thin out the excess, I took some pretty nice pieces of furniture to a local furniture consignment store several months ago (Furniture Consignments by Kristynn). The architect who designed my house and the remodel of my “old” house took me there when we were staging the “old” house for sale.

Soon after I took my furniture in, one of the three pieces sold, and yesterday, when I stopped in there was a check for me. That was a great and unexpected surprise, although the money didn’t make it out the door of Kristynn’s store.

There are a few pieces of furniture that I’ve been thinking about, so I looked around while I was there, and Kristynn pointed me in the direction of some lovely, mid-century modern, Scandinavian chairs to use with my kitchen table. They had/have such character that I bought all 4 armless chairs on the spot.  These aren’t the best photos, and they make me aware of other things that need to be cleaned up in the background, but see what you think of my new chairs!

In a desire to put the chairs around the table, I was inspired to do some fast sorting and cleaning in the breakfast nook, so that I could see how they looked.  So let the sorting begin…


~ by Lynn on January 6, 2011.

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