Reluctant Landlord…

There is so much going on in my life that I have several different posts lined up – each on a different subject.  For now, though, I’m writing to let you all know the latest news on the house (or houses) front.  In an effort to continue moving forward, I decided to post an ad on Craig’s List early last week, offering my little vacant house for rent.

Initially, I thought that I’d just rent it for a short period of time – until it sells (or until the new house sells) in the spring.  Because it was a short-term rental, I was asking less than the mortgage payment, in hopes of renting it for that short period.

Right after I posted the (first) ad on Craig’s List, I posted a link to it on Facebook and sent it as a link to other friends in Fort Collins or who might know people in Fort Collins who might be looking for a place to live.  One of my Facebook friends, who lives in California has a sister who lives in Fort Collins.  My friend sent the info about my house to her sister who received the message while she was with a friend who was looking for a place to rent & they called me right away.  I, for one, marvel at the power of the word of mouth and serendipitous timing and connections.

Unfortunately, this person wanted a 2-year lease, and at the rent I was asking, I couldn’t afford to keep the house for that long.  Both of us were very disappointed that it didn’t work out.  And as a result of that, and consultation with one of my sisters, I decided to offer the house with a 1-year lease, for an amount closer to my mortgage payment, and I’ve shown the house several more times.  At the moment, I have 2 applications, and another couple looking at the house todayAs of noon today, the house has been rented!

Renting the house for this amount gives me another year to enjoy the new house, and hopefully to find a job, and to thin out some more things by having a garage/yard sale in the spring (I’d hoped to have a yard sale as the college students were arriving for the fall term, but I wasn’t in the new house yet!).  I’m still hoping to figure out how to make this all work so that I can stay in the new house for the long-term.

Being a landlord next door is not something I want to do for the long-term.  In fact, it’s not something I’ve wanted to do at all, since Dave and I had renters in the basement in Laramie, years ago, so yes, I’m a reluctant landlord!

Note:  There are two links inserted in this post related to my little house for rent:

  1. Zillow Listing
  2. Craig’s List Ad

~ by Lynn on November 7, 2010.

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