Wonderful W*o*m*e*n!

In a fit of self-doubt last night, I sent an email to a select group of women friends and family asking for advice about what I should wear on a sort-of blind, first date this weekend.  I’m so grateful for the responses I’ve received, which have made me realize what a great group of supportive and affirming women there are in my life.   I am quoting my friends and family here (anonymously)…

“….I would say a tasteful, casual, sorta s*e*x*y sweater and jeans….  Good luck!….  I say, the more comfortable and real you are, the more likely you are to have a great time and feel WONDERFUL!  Go get ’em!”

“Oh, and congratulations!….  Oooo – knit a tube top!  Just kidding, just wear what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin….”

“My advice would be to be yourself, but don’t underestimate the effect of something up to date and brand new (it can simply be for your own psyche – making you feel great). It has to fit who you are though – if that is patagonia then go with that…what ever will make you feel great in the environment you’ll be in….”

“Well, definitely something you knit yourself so you can show how talented you are. Just be yourself!”

“How exciting! Well, I  may not be the best person to answer this as in ___ one wears exactly what one wants to and feels comfortable in, whether that’s jeans or whatever else. I think in America people dress differently to ___.  Just wear something you like and feel comfortable in.”

“What an intriguing and fun request! ….my inclination would be to wear something you feel completely at ease in — so not brand new, probably — that reflects your outdoorsiness and creativity. Check out the meeting place first to get a feel for it, too. If you’re comfortable, your confidence will shine through.”

“cute slacks and a cute sweater.  wear something that you feel cute in.”

“….You always have a good casual look going, but what I do want to say is —- get some sleep, try to relax and be your wonderful self, and remember…. You are a Catch!!!”

“Oh wow.  I don’t think I’ve EVER been on a date–as in eating a meal with someone I hardly know.  I would suggest dark slacks and a top that accentuates your loving B*o*s*o*m.  Light make-up and subtle lipstick.”

“I’d wear something feminine.”

What intrigues me about this is the repeated suggestions to be comfortable and be myself.  Thank you all!

ETA: Some words have been edited in hopes of avoiding being found in some kinds of searches.  (I hope it works!)


~ by Lynn on January 26, 2010.

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